Give your best render the stage that it deserves during the AnArchi Architecture Awards: Best Render!

It is such a shame that your renders are only seen by some teachers and fellow students. After all those hours of working and waiting, it is worth making them visible for a larger audience. So did you make a nice render for a project, or maybe even just for fun? Do not hesitate and send it to AnArchi to compete for this year’s Best Render Award! All submissions will be displayed in the Trappenzaal from 20-27 February.

Login with your account to submit your render using the form at the right. Submissions should include a high-res picture of your render, your name, the name of the project and possibly the people that helped in creating the render. If you like, you can also send a description. If your file is too large, you can send it to We look forward to your submissions!

(Render in the header of this event was made by Alex Donkers)


Date: 20-27 February
Time: All-day exhibition
Location: Vertigo Trappenzaal
Price: Free
Submit your render using the form at the right before February 10th!

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