Yassin Matni

A2 Studio: Justified winner of the first AnArchi Architecture Awards because of the sense of lighting, composition and material. A strong architectural design supports the strength of the visualization. The furniture in the lower left corner negates the picture to some extent because it is placed too far in the front of the image and on the edge of the light. This image breathes control of both architecture, the knowledge of light and software.

Honorable mentions

Wieger Meijer

A2 Studio: This image shows that the visualisator has a lot of knowledge about the software and cares about both graphical and architectural detail. This visualization shows that the control of colors can lift a rendering to a higher level.

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Tamar Tsanava

A2 Studio: A clear and abstract image that attracts the eye, especially because of the extraordinary choice of colored abstract blocks in a black and white environment with a person next to it. These kind of images become stronger when the details are designed with care. Both the textures and the person should have been paid more attention to.

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Stefan Nechita

A2 Studio: A very powerful composition and a brave choice for black and white. But when someone uses this kind of ‘simple’ image (or in this case a picture with a small visualization), you want the rendering to fit seamlessly into the photo. The contrast between the rendering and the photo don’t match and so the two images have become disassociated from each other.

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Roberto Magnanini

A2 Studio: Especially the composition of the image with the centrally situated stairs and a complete 3D environment, including the greenery, appeals to us. The materialization has also been produced with great care. A more appealing lighting with a person could have given the image more strength.

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Rik van Ginkel

A2 Studio: This rendering is characterized by its maturity; great architecture, suitable contrasting colors of the sky and the interior, post processing of people and the subtle pattern. The choice to render the image in low quality surprises the jury.