Tamar Tsanava

Van Abbe & Hélène: A really powerful image, this was the judgement of both Hélène Aarts & Daniel Neugebauer from the van Abbe museum. A great depth effect and achieving attraction by little means are great qualities. We would have believed it if this picture had been made by Lyonel Feininger. All the applicated methods strengthen the image. Such a large expressiveness with so little lines: an appropriate winner.


Honorable mention

Jan van Vlerken

Van Abbe & Hélène: The image has a really exciting ambiguity. The city on the background provides an extra dimension to the whole picture. Also, the fact that the perspective continues in the back adds to the quality of this submission. However, there are a few imperfections in this image. Both the mirror and the shadow could have been more accurate and this is why this drawing did not win.