About us

AnArchi is the study association for architecture, connected to the Master program Architecture, Building and Planning (ABP) and the track of Architectural Urban Design and Engineering (AUDE) of the department of the Built Environment at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

For more than ten years now, AnArchi focuses on serving the interests of architecture students by connecting students to education and practice. Important for this is building and maintaining relations and collaborations within and outside of the university. The association wants to motivate students to further develop their architectural interests and to form a critical attitude being architectural designers. Knowing that the field of architecture is highly dynamic and ranges from practical to theoretical aspects, AnArchi aims to broaden the students’ knowledge
in the various scopes of the field. We try to accomplish this by providing the students with indepth as well as broadening activities outside of the regular education program. Examples of these activities are lectures, workshops, debates and an annual study trip abroad. This wide variety of activities offered by AnArchi has made the association a central point for all
architecture students at the TU/e.

You can also read more about us on our association page on the website of Student & Wegwijzer.

Our committees

AnArchi can only be run by the help of our volunteers. Therefore we have set up committees for all that we do. These committees are run by motivated and enthusiastic students of our community. Would you like to join one of our committees? Send an e-mail to info@anarchi.cc or come by our desk!

Activity Committee
The activity committee is the brain behind all our activities. They both prepare and execute all events organized by AnArchi. From workshops, to guest lectures, to excursions both within the Netherlands and abroad.

Study trip Committee
Every year we organize a study trip in the summer break together with Via Urbanism. This has led to a joined committee of architecture and urbanism students, passionate about traveling abroad to learn and discover.

Archiprint Committee
A journal does not write itself, so the Archiprint committee works on creating and publishing the Archiprint twice a year. The students are motivated to write and are passionate about literature. They do not only write themselves, but also approach professionals from the field to contribute!

Education Committee
The joint connection between all members of AnArchi is that they study at the Built Environment at TU/e. Are there any complaints about the courses? Do we not agree with changes in our curriculum? Or are there suggestions to improve our education? The students of the Education Committee will contact teachers and organizers of the curriculum and make sure that the education will stay on the correct level.