Board Information Meeting #1

Are you our new board?
Every September the board of AnArchi changes. We are the 11th board of AnArchi and our board consists of five people:

Marijn van de Mheen – Chairman & Commissioner Education
Jamilla Broersma – Secretary & Commissioner Internal Activities
Max Slangen – Treasurer & Commisioner External Activities
Anna Kaletkina – Commissioner Public Relations & Commisioner Study Trip
Fenne Jansen – Commissioner Archiprint

Our role as board is to lead and regulate all that AnArchi has to offer and to make sure that the association runs smoothly. We organize activities and a study trip, safeguard the quality of our education, publish the Archiprint twice a year and create a link between students and companies. Of course we do not organize all this with only five people. Behind the board of AnArchi is a big team of active members divided in four committees. Every committee has at least one board member, and we are always open to have members join our committees.

Being a board member does not only contribute to your personal development, but is also just a lot of fun!
So are you interested in becoming part of the 12th board? Join one of our board information meetings and find out if this is something for you!