Bookmarket 2020

AnArchi will traditionally organize the yearly book market during the national book week of the Netherlands, which will be from the 9th until the 13th of March this year! During the entire week every day from 12:30 – 17:00 hours, architecture, urban planning, structural design and some art & drawing books will be sold with a substantial discount!
Make sure you step by at Plaza (above the Trappenzaal) during this week to buy your yearly dose of your favorite literature.




Activities during the week:

Monday, March 9th
Openings lecture by Hans van der Heijden, architect and writer of the book ‘Street Architecture’. -> free lunch included!
Get a sneak peek of the book at:

Thursday, March 12th
Book-swap-market by AnArchi & CHEOPS
The perfect opportunity to swap your old books (once purchased for a course….,never read however….) for some interesting new ones with your fellow students! -> Free drinks and refreshments included!

All the books are being provided to you by:
– Van Piere (Bookstore)
– NAi010 (Publisher)
– Lecturis (Publisher)
– 1001 (Publisher)
– Jap Sam (Publisher)
– Valiz (Publisher)
– Bouwen met Staal