Drawing Abroad

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From May 26th till May 28th AnArchi organizes the Drawing Abroad excursion together with Hélène Aarts and Robin Schaeverbeke from KU Leuven. During this excursion we will go to Charleroi, infamously characterized as the most depressing post-industrial city of Belgium.

During the Ascension Weekend several sites and environments will be visited for their qualities to analyse, sketch and draw them out. No matter what skill you have as a draughtsman you are welcome to join, learn or enhance your drawing skills. We will also be joined by a group of students from the Faculty of Architecture of KULeuven.

For three days of drawing, guidance and support a participation fee of 90 euro’s is asked. Within this prize the stay with breakfast and transport are incorporated. If you have any question about the days and planning, you can contact us via activities@anarchi.cc