‘Making’ Architecture Lecture – Circularity

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The ‘Making’ Architecture Lecture Series continues ‘in times of change’. The first lecture of this special edition will focus around the theme of ‘Circularity’ with a double lecture by Jan Jongert (Superuse Studios) and Paul Ketelaars (Vakwerk Architecten), taking place on Thursday the 4th of March.

In the lecture series ‘Making’ Architecture, organized by AnArchi, Study Association for Architecture, and Juliette Bekkering of The Chair of Architectural Design and Engineering (ADE) at the TU Eindhoven, two architects will give a double lecture about their views on ‘making’ architecture. The double lecture format creates an exciting dynamic and provides insight in how different architects from different offices in fact deal with the making of architecture. They will therefore elaborate on a number of projects that show how the process of making, from concept to building, unfolds for that particular speaker and office.

The program of the evening will be as follows:
19:00h – Short introduction by Juliette Bekkering
19:15h – First lecture
20:00h – Short break
20:15h – Second lecture
21:00h – Questions / Discussion (moderator: Juliette Bekkering)
21:30h – Closing
The event is free and will be organized through Microsoft Teams.