Movie Night – City Dreamers

🎥 Want to get inspired by watching a movie about architecture and urbanism in the cinema? Then come join us for the movie night on Monday 27 November at 19:30 in Natlab, where we will watch City Dreamers! 🏙

City Dreamers (2018) is a film, directed by Joseph Hillel, which portrays four trailblazing female architects: Phyllis Lambert, Blanche Lemco van Ginkel, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander and Denise Scott Brown. They all have left an indelible mark on de urban development and contributed to fundamentally human and inclusive cities in North America and Europe.

Phyllis Lambert was responsible for the construction of the Seagram Building in New York and founded the Canadian Center for Architecture and Heritage Montreal. Blanche Lemco van Ginkel (1923-2022) is credited, along with her husband, for saving ancient Montreal from destruction to make way for a highway and with helping develop the masterplan for the Expo 67. Cornelia Hahn Oberlander (1921-2021) has invented how to develop urban green spaces and introduced the concept of green roofs in several major cities. And Denise Scott Brown, together with her husband Robert Venturi, revolutionized the way we think about contemporary architectural and urban heritage.

After the screening of the film we will discuss a number of themes that are addressed in City Dreamers: activism, inclusivity, and the creation of sustainable and green cities, together with a special guest (to be announced).

The screening of City Dreamers is organised together with Architectuurcentrum Eindhoven, in cooperation with Natlab. Get your tickets with student discount on the website of Natlab: City Dreamers — Joseph Hillel | Natlab

19:30 – 19:35    Welcome and introduction
19:35 – 20:49    Filmscreening City Dreamers
20:50 – 21:20    Discussion (in English)


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