Philosophical Table #23

More and more information can be found online. An increasing number of people therefore drastically get rid of their book collections. That holds true for famous Dutch creatives as well. How can we preserve and share such book collections? Should we preserve this piece of culture? And is there still relevance for the book as a medium for creative practice?

Triggered by the current exhibition BOEKen DELEN, AnArchi and the Albert van Abbehuis jointly organize Philosophical Table #23, on the theme of ‘Books & Other Creative Media’. The current trend of architects and designers alike to continuously search the internet for their next bit of inspiration tends to decrease the relevance that books once had for creatives. In an effort to preserve an re-establish the importance of the printed medium, the Albert van Abbehuis currently displays the book collection of Dutch graphic designer Anthon Beeke to underline the beauty and importance of having a physical library at your disposal. During this Philosophical Table, we will bring up the topic what books still have to offer in a time of ArchDaily, Divisare, Pinterest and many other media that open up a vast domain of architectural inspiration. How do these media shape the way we make and think of architecture? And what role could writings play in a strongly image-focused internet culture? Join our discussion on December 16th, 16:00 via Teams!

In preparation of our discussion, feel free to visit the exhibition BOEKen DELEN at the Albert van Abbehuis. More information and tickets via Or take the virtual tour on YouTube:


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