Philosophical Table ‘Back to the Basics’

With the large background and lots of things to take into account when designing, one simple question is often forgotten. What makes a design a “good” design?

Designing architecture and urban plans is becoming a more and more complex task. The theoretical background is ever expanding, and with the introduction of computer programs and AI, the elements that are included in designing are always increasing.

During this session of the philosophical table we want to take you back to the basics of designing. What is the foundation of designing? And have we strayed too far from this? Should we turn back to a simpler time where this question is the central point? All of these questions and more are discussed in this Philosophical Table with our host Jacob Voorthuis.

So are you also wondering these things? Be sure to drop by and participate in the discussion on “Back to the Basics” on the 23rd of November. Be quick to subscribe, as there are limited spaces available. *Subscriptions are full! From now on you will be put on a waiting list* 

See you there!