Philosophical Table – Moralizing Architecture

Friday March 15th, it’s time for the 19th edition of the Philosophical Table with Jacob Voorthuis. The theme for this discussion will be: “Moralizing Architecture: Does contemporary architecture moralize?” Join us at Zwarte Doos (right after the CHEOPS bridge) at 16:00.

Architects are important forces in shaping the world around us. Presumably, they often do so for the greater good. However, history has shown that buildings have the power to impose a certain belief or perspective on people, shaping the way they live and use their environments to a form that fits the vision of the architect. During this Philosophical Table, we investigate this moralizing power of architecture. Is our contemporary architecture moralizing us? And should that be the case? Join the discussion to think with us and discover what morality means for you as an architect!