AnArchi Architecture Awards

Every day students put a lot of effort in making drawings, renders and models for their architecture projects. All work is done for the sake of 5 minutes of presentation.  AnArchi thinks it’s a shame that all the beautiful work is ‘forgotten’ after this moment. AnArchi introduced the AnArchi Architecture Awards as a showcase for students’ work and give the best work some acknowledgement. Every year AnArchi organizes multiples AAA competitions and every student can participate. The submissions are exhibited to share the results with other students and are judged by a professional jury and the students them self.

How to participate:

Submitting your render, drawing and/or photograph is possible from June 14th until September 10th 23.59. To participate, send your entree to and give the following information:

  • Name
  • Student number
  • Category you would like to participate in
  • Name of photo/render/drawing (not required)


  1. You must be a student at the TU/e (in the academic year 2020-2021 and/or 2021-2022) to participate in the AnArchi Architecture awards.
  2. The work you hand in must be your own work.
  3. There is no date limit for the produced work: the entree can be made during the previous year or earlier than that.
  4. You are allowed to submit one entree per category. E.g. you can submit one render, one drawing and one photograph.
  5. Per category there are two prizes to be won: the jury award and the audience award. The jury award will be judged by a jury of professionals in the field. The audience can vote on the entrees in September. Hopefully the COVID-19 situation has improved enough so this can be done during an exhibition in Vertigo in September. If this is not possible, voting will be held online. After the voting has ended, an award ceremony will be held to announce the winners. The date for this event has yet to be determined. More information about this will follow.