Archiprint 1

It is a dark, rainy Monday night. I am late, as usual. In the back of the bar a small group of architecture students is meeting for the first time. That first night in October it became clear that we were all on the same page. There is so much research done for projects, so many articles are written for a course, but they all seem to end up in the bookcase of a teacher. In order to learn and broaden your view, it is necessary
to share your findings with others, and to debate about other peoples thinkings. Months of heated conversation led to this first edition. As you are flipping through the pages of this magazine, you will find some articles written in English, others in Dutch. The debate about a choice on language has started on that first meeting and has continued throughout the whole process of creating Archiprint. No matter whether you prefer to write in English or in Dutch. We want you to write and share it. Whether you have a gloom vision on how architecture will develop in the future, or maybe you have just finished a project you want to share with your colleague students, send it to Archiprint, start the debate, inspire others.