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AnArchi can only be run with the help of our volunteers. Therefore we have set up committees for all that we do. These committees are run by motivated and enthusiastic students of our community. We are always looking for new talent to join us in the daily adventures of keeping a study association going. Would you like to join one of our committees or would you like some more information? Don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to info@anarchi.cc or come by our desk! You are more than welcome to join one of our committee meetings to see if joining one is something for you!

Activity Committee
The activity committee is responsible for organizing almost all AnArchi’s activities; excursions (within the Netherlands and abroad, single and multiple days), workshops, debates, guest lectures, pub quizzes etc. There are a couple of activities that return every year, but there is always space to create new activities. All details are planned by the committee: from the promotion, logistics and budget to the accommodation and contacting of parties to collaborate with.

The chairman of the activity committee is the commissioner of activities from the current board of AnArchi; in this case Berend. Within the committee we have a flexible setup; not everyone has to participate in every activity. In this way, everyone can contribute to the things that they are enthusiastic about! 

Study trip Committee
Every year during the summer break we organize a study trip abroad together with the association Via Urbanism. In recent years, for example, we have been to Japan, Spain and Finland/Estonia/Latvia. The committee is a joined committee with members from both AnArchi and Via. Within the committee, tasks are divided. Tasks include choosing a destination, budgeting, planning the travel to the destination, reserving accommodations, planning activities etc. The chairman of the committee is the commissioner study trip of the current board of AnArchi, in this case Tibbe.

Archiprint Committee
De Archiprint is AnArchi’s architectural journal. It’s made for students by students (from the Archiprint committee). They create everything from the articles to the layout, with of course the contributions of guest writers. The chairman of the Archiprint committee is the commissioner Archiprint from the current board of AnArchi; in this case Faith. This board member also has the role of managing editor. Within the committee, there are several roles to be divided amongst the members: editor-in-chief, editors, writers, design and cover design. The Archiprint also has its own advisory council, consisting of several teachers within the faculty of the built environment. They offer their knowledge and guidance during the process of writing and publishing the Archiprint. The Archiprint is published twice per year and is sponsored by some architectural offices whom we call ‘Friends of the Archiprint’.

Education Committee
The education committee of AnArchi makes sure that the quality of the education remains on a high level. The main tasks of the education committee are to evaluate the master courses. At the end of the quartile, we hand out forms during the courses. Students can fill out these forms and thereby give feedback on the course. Afterwards, the education committee processes these forms and makes an overview of them. We plan meetings with teachers to discuss the most important feedback. The goal is to make students’ opinions heard and to improve courses in the future. Teachers often appreciate that we do this, and it is great to see that multiple courses have actually been improved as a consequence!

The chairman of this committee is the commissioner of education from the current board of AnArchi; in this case Ivar. This commissioner also takes part in several councils within the Built Environment. This means they are always up-to-date and AnArchi can respond to the most recent developments of our education. Next to the course evaluations, there are a couple of educational activities that are being organized like the BAU-excursion, information evening for the Professional Traineeship (BeroepsErvaringsPeriode) and the bachelor-meets-master drink.