After completing the AUDE specialization (version Dutch architects register) you can become an architect. The title ‘architect’ is protected by Dutch law and you have to enter the Register of Architects before you are permitted to use this title.

Since 2015, you can only enter the Register after completing a professional traineeship, known as the Beroepservaringsperiode (BEP). You can start the professional traineeship after graduating and only while working in the architectural profession. The BEP takes 2 years and consists of two tracks:

  • Individual track: work under the supervision of a mentor
  • Additional tracks: an integrated programm or the independent route

More information?

The websites listed below offer more information on the Beroepservaringsperiode. Furthermore, AnArchi and VIA Urbanism organize a yearly special information meeting, our BEP Event.

Official websites Dutch Architects Register
ArchiNed portal
Dutch Architects Register

Integrated programme or module providers
BNA Academie
TUe – BEP modules
TU Delft – BEP loket

BEP Event

At this year’s BEP Event (22 February 2017), organized by AnArchi and VIA Urbanism, the Beroepservaringsperiode was discussed. What is it? What do you need to do? What are the experiences of current participants? These are all questions that were answered.
Below you can find some slides of the evening, in case you couldn’t come, or for further reading: