AnArchi is the study association for all architecture students including international and exchange students. We want to make sure that international students get the most out of their study time in the Netherlands. Almost all of our activities and lectures are in English and open for international students to subscribe to, as well as our committees, so feel free to join! If you’re planning to go on an exchange to the architecture department of our university, or if you are already studying here, and you have practical questions about the study, or about the city Eindhoven, that cannot be answered by the Education Office of our department, feel free to send your questions to us. In order to help you we already put together some practical information about studying in Eindhoven:

1. Bike. Most – if not all – students in Eindhoven move around in the city by Bike. The Netherlands are the most bicycle-friendly country in the world. Don’t necessarily buy a new bike, as there are many good second hand bikes available online and in stores. You usually pay around €100,- to €150,- for a decent second hand bike.

2. Housing. In the Netherlands students often live in so called “student houses” which in most cases are just regular houses in which you have your own dorm room (you sometimes need to bring your own furniture!) and a shared bathroom, living room and kitchen. You share the house with ±5-8 (up to 15) housemates.

3. Sports and Culture. The university’s student sports center (SSC) offers 70 sports, courses, extensive facilities, open 7 days per week, qualified (professional sports) teachers and 38 student sports clubs. All of this is possible for student-friendly prices. Moreover, there are 10 student culture associations including a bigband, dancing association and drama club.

4. Nightlife. Eindhoven is famous for its nightlife, especially at Stratumseind, known as the longest pubstreet in the Netherlands with over
50 clubs and pubs in one street! Next to this you can find lots of festivals, concerts and other parties throughout the city during the whole year, for example in the Klokgebouw and the Effenaar.

5. Design. Eindhoven is known as design city of the Netherlands as you can find many design related firms and events in the city. World-famous is the Dutch Design Week, a must visit for you as architecture student, with design related events, lectures, parties and expositions at over a 100 locations throughout the city. Other interesting events are for example GLOW and STRP Biënnale.