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Not unimportant for the alumni event is the location. For the location we have reached out to one of our sponsors. Since 2017 The Student Hotel has been a sponsor of AnArchi. The Student Hotel will host us during the evening in their cozy restaurant amidst the open kitchen and bar. We have arranged that the entire evening takes place here, just steps from the Eindhoven railway station.

What do you get?

For just 25 euro’s we have arranged a wonderful evening where you can reconnect with your old student peers while enjoying some lightweight activities to spur you on. Included in the price are all the buffet, five drinks and the activities!  Firstly to sum up what the evening holds:

  • Speed dating
  • Buffet
  • Lecture
  • Workshop
  • Drink

Speed dating

What is speed dating about? We are not trying to set you up with your life worth partner, that’s for sure! Our goal is to let all the alumni (re-)acquaint and talk about what they have been up to during their life after the TU/e. During the rounds of speed dating everyone gets a few minutes to talk to their partner. What do you know, maybe you will meet someone very interesting in our field of work!


We do not hold back on the buffet! The Student Hotel’s chef is preparing a buffet with amongst others a lovely soup and a three piece main course. The dinner is served in a buffet style, letting you pick what you like.

Lecture and interactive quiz

What binds all the alumni of AnArchi is the history we share at the TU/e. Everyone received their lessons in designing, analyzing, some structural engineering but mostly architecture. During this lecture and interactive quiz we will reconnect with the theoretical environment of the university. The lecture and workshop deepen in the shaping of objects. During the interactive quiz you will have to think on your feet and make quick decisions, in various rounds an object will be built. In the first studios everyone attended you had no clue how to shape a program into a building. In the workshop we will challenge you again as you will have no idea how to shape the building we ask you design. Speed, shaping, fun and decision making!


The evening will end with a drink. There is no formal ending time to the drink, you can stay as long as you wish. At the beginning of the evening AnArchi will hand out five coins to all the alumni which can be spend on drinks during any time of the night.