As of 1 June 2017, AnArchi is using a new membership system. Our membership administration is now integrated with our website:

  • You can now have a personal account on our website. In your account, we store all your personal information. You can easily update this information yourself, for example to change your email address.
  • Your personal account gives you access to exclusive content on our website, for example photos from our activities.
  • You can subscribe to AnArchi activities such as excursions in one-click once you are logged in.

Existing member?

Did you already submit via our old registration form or at our desk? Then you are already a member of AnArchi.

In order to update all your personal details and get an account we would like you to fill in the registration form.

We’ll approve your account extra fast as you are already known to us. In case you need help, please contact us.