AnArchi is always open to new collaborations and organizing activities with companies related to the architectural field. 

Sponsoring AnArchi can have several benefits for your company: 

  • Your company becomes more known to students who are going to work in the field. 
  • Your company can find interns faster and more efficiently. 
  • You can contribute to future architects’ education. 
  • Supporting study associations benefits in improving the image of your company. 

There are 3 main types of sponsoring that we offer:  

  1. Sponsor package – includes organizing activities, lectures and more 
  2. Vacancy package – advertising your vacancies via our social network 
  3. Literature package – advertising your company journal, participating in the yearly AnArchi book market.

The packages are guidelines for companies. It is possible to form an agreement that will fit your company’s specific needs. We are always opened for proposals and negotiations. 

You can find the packages and prices here