It is finally published – we are going to Spain in July 2018 with Anarchi and VIA, more specific to Madrid, Zaragoza, and Bilbao.
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We start our journey in Madrid – capital city of Spain, we are visiting different interesting projects such as Caixa Forum and BBVA headquarters by Herzog and de Meuron, Prado Museum, the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor square, Rio Park, Bernabeu Stadium and much more!

The second city we are visiting is Zaragoza, it has witnessed multiple time periods and rulers, which has led to the diverse monumentalities there are today. The main eye-catcher is El Pilar, a Baroque Cathedral with one of the largest squares in Europe in front of it. La Seo, the Cathedral of the Savior, shows the diversity in the city’s architecture. The Moorish castle Aljaferia has a massive outside, with delicate details and arches on the inside. But even though the city has a lot to offer, it has been called the forgotten city of Spain. This changed when the EXPO 2008 themed Water and Sustainability was held in this city, which great architectural pieces still placed along the river. Zaha Hadid has designed the bridge Pavilion for this showcase, as the location is along the river Ebro, which runs through the middle of Zaragoza.

Lastly we will visit Bilbao, a city near the sea! Bilbao roughly exists out of three parts: the historic city centre with old buildings like the Biblioteca Municipal de Bidebarrieta, the Santiago Cathedral and the Mercado de la Ribera, all packed together on a small space. In the early 20th century the new ensanche de Abando was built, based on a geometrical pattern, which contains interesting buildings and plazas like the Azkuna Zentroa, redesigned by Phillipe Starck, Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de El Carmen located at Plaza Indautxu. At the end of the 20th century the city started redeveloping the industrial area into Abandoibarra with the help of famous architects like Arata Isozaki, Alvaro Siza, Santiago Calatrava, Norman Foster and of course Frank O. Gehry. We will visit the buildings they designed, like Euskalduna conference centre, Isozaki Atea, and without question the Guggenheim Museum. All these objects are located along the river banks, which have been redesigned into one large park area and are connected by beautiful bridges.

Date: July 10th – 19th
Location: Madrid, Bilbao & Zaragoza
Subscription deadline: February 26th
costs: 550,00
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